Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Documenting the process...

I can't seem to break away from the use of the circle and the concept of elements to conform a whole. This piece like all my others is conformed by a group of elements, which I call Cells that eventually when added to one another will create the piece...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ody Saban-Outsider Artist

Initial Sketches for New Piece...

La pureza de los ninos...

" Metodo, Metodo, que quieres de mi?
Bien sabes que he comido la fruta del inconsciente."

Esto lo sintetiza todo...

Paul Klee...

..."Klee deliberately embodied polar opposites in his oeuvre.
His style played between the organic and the geometric, the linear and the chromatic, the analytic and the spontaneous; his imagery encompassed representation and abstraction, the personal and the universal, the terrestrial and the cosmic, all within a profoundly harmonic whole"...

If I can ever achieve this sense of equilibrium, I will know then I have arrived...

Textile Design Collection.

This is an ongoing Collection of Textile Designs for Wallcovering, Home Furnishings and Apparel, created for the Hospitality and Residential markets.

Designs are all in repeat and separated into their correspondent channels (colors).

If interested in any of these designs, please inquire at:

email: patriziaferreira@hotmail.com
phone: 919 286 2618

Evolving Concept...

I am interested in the expression of something deeper than a pure aesthetic concern. I mean to express that which is intangible, that which we cannot touch or see, but only perceive or feel. It is holistic, it comes from an  internal place. It involves responding to some higher, inner voice.
I have an almost compulsive necessity to crystallize in a material form the ephemeral within me.
In that sense I am extremely influenced by outsider art. Like them, I pursue the artistic expression of my inner self. Because this is an altogether internal, invisible world it tends to materialize in an almost surrealistic way. This inner representations are never static, like Life itself they are always in flux, in constant metamorphosis. 
Another pivotal influence in  my work is the Art of Frida Kahlo. Her imperative desire to represent the changes and transformations that were occuring within her physical and spiritual being are extremely inspiring to me.
In the end my work is always a result of my interest in Nature and Life itself, where everything seems connected into one multi layered, textural, infinitely complex organism.
I seek to represent "Qi"-that of which everything in the Universe is composed-
"Qi" is matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materializing. 
As a concept, or a reality, "Qi" crosses without hindrance between the fields of philosophy, art, spirituality, natural science and medicine.
In this respect my work could almost be perceived as kitsch. Because, it is kitsch to attempt to repossess an experience of intensity and immediacy through a material, physical representation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its a new beginning...

This entry is to open a new chapter on a fresh page...
I am about to start a new piece, don't quite know how to start...
The concept is sort of like this:
Its a textile piece. Elements of the piece connect with one another creating illusions. Things are above and below. There are layers, there is depth and there is relief. 
I want to look at images of cells and other organisms for inspiration. This piece will represent my own relations with the world, with Life and Creation...this is not a religious piece...it is though a highly spiritual and absolutely personal, intimate view of Life...
I want to use printing in this piece.  I thought it could be digital printing...but that could put a restriction on the size of the piece...unless I piece it together?...
More images, sketches, ideas coming soon...

Watercolor Stripe

Thread Texture

Stitch Pattern

Scribbled Flowers


Point de France

Painterly Lace

Organic Lace Shadow

Organic Lace

Organic Flower Print

Lace Forest

Graphic Trim Texture

Fish Scales

Diagonal Texture

Diagonal Stripe

Delirium Trellis

Brush Texture

Jewelry Stripe

Flower Mandala

Federal Diagonal

Escher's Garden

Embroidered Diamonds

Delirium Butterflies

Crochet Delirium

Coral Stripe

Coral Reef Texture

Bouquet Mandala

Botanical Pattern

Botanic Stripe

Botanic Layout

Botanic Garden II

Botanic Garden II

Bauhaus I

Bauhaus Equilibrium

Aqua Texture

Soy un Artista!

Luqui pintando-Enero 2009

Que frio!

Luqui equipado para el invierno! - Enero 2009


Verano 2008

John y Luca

Luca cumple un anito!-30 de Junio 2008

Papa y Luca

Visita a Durham, NC-Octubre 2008

Mama y Vale

Visita a Durham, NC-Octubre 2008


Trip to Asheville, NC-October 2008