Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Evolving Concept...

I am interested in the expression of something deeper than a pure aesthetic concern. I mean to express that which is intangible, that which we cannot touch or see, but only perceive or feel. It is holistic, it comes from an  internal place. It involves responding to some higher, inner voice.
I have an almost compulsive necessity to crystallize in a material form the ephemeral within me.
In that sense I am extremely influenced by outsider art. Like them, I pursue the artistic expression of my inner self. Because this is an altogether internal, invisible world it tends to materialize in an almost surrealistic way. This inner representations are never static, like Life itself they are always in flux, in constant metamorphosis. 
Another pivotal influence in  my work is the Art of Frida Kahlo. Her imperative desire to represent the changes and transformations that were occuring within her physical and spiritual being are extremely inspiring to me.
In the end my work is always a result of my interest in Nature and Life itself, where everything seems connected into one multi layered, textural, infinitely complex organism.
I seek to represent "Qi"-that of which everything in the Universe is composed-
"Qi" is matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materializing. 
As a concept, or a reality, "Qi" crosses without hindrance between the fields of philosophy, art, spirituality, natural science and medicine.
In this respect my work could almost be perceived as kitsch. Because, it is kitsch to attempt to repossess an experience of intensity and immediacy through a material, physical representation.

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